Avon Elementary schools redistricting updates

In the fall of 2010, Avon’s seventh elementary school (River Birch Elementary) will open, and along with a new school comes redistricting. When my son J. was in Kindergarten, he went to Maple Elementary, but that summer Cedar Elementary opened and when the new school year started, he was moved to Pine Tree Elementary. Now he is in third grade and I’m not sure which school he will attend in the Fall.There are three redistricting maps proposed for the Fall of 2010. The Redistricting Committee has looked at not only location, but also has tried to get a good mix of students. They used the following guiding principals in determining their proposed redistricting boundaries: 

  • Use natural boundaries.
  • Maintain neighborhoods or subdivisions.
  • Move as few students as possible.
  • Maintain demographic balance.
  • Respect target capacities for all seven elementary (K-4) schools with the understanding that River Birch’s capacity (750 like Cedar’s) will be greater than the other five schools.

For more information, and to see the proposed redistricting plans, click here!


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