Top 10 Reasons to list NOW during the Holiday Season

Many people think that November and December are bad times to list their house, but I have a few reasons why NOW might be the right time for you.

  1. snowflakesThere is less competition for buyers
  2. If buyers are out looking at houses in the snow, they’re probably more serious!
  3. Holiday Decorations make your house look even prettier than normal
  4. People really will understand if you need to turn down a showing because of a family event
  5. Buyers are on vacation and kids are out of school, so they have more time to look at homes
  6. Many businesses transfer their employees during January, and you need to be on the market to capture those buyers.
  7. You may have fewer showings, therefore less inconvenience to you, BUT keep in mind, those coming to see the house are more likely serious about buying
  8. Interest rates are at an all-time low
  9. Your house is already clean because of family gatherings
  10. Consumer confidence is on the rise
  11. You can use ME as your Realtor!! Call me today to ask me about my marketing plan.

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