Days On Market= 17!! Why this house sold so fast!

1073 Williamsburg WayI got an accepted offer on my listing at 1073 Williamsburg Way after only 17 days on the market. The very first buyer to look at the home made the offer. With so many homes lingering on the market these days, I wanted to look at the reasons why this unassuming little house got an offer so quickly.

  • Price: Based on the market, the homes recently sold in the neighborhood, and the competition we were up against, it was priced absolutely right at $124,900. The seller was honest with himself about the market, and trusted the data he was given. He knew he did not want his home to just sit on the market, so he priced it to sell, without undercutting himself. This home was also in the right price range, homes in the lower $100,000’s are selling much faster than more expensive homes right now.
  • Location: Linden Square is a nice little neighborhood in Avon schools, near the intersection of 10th and Raceway. While it is certainly not the most prestigious neighborhood around, it has a lot going for it. Driving to shopping, restauranst, I-465, or even dowtown is easy from this area. Taxes are low, homes and lawns are mostly well-maintained, and neighborhood amenities include ponds, gazebos, playgrounds, walking trails, and nature areas. This particular home backed up to apartment buildings, but even that slight negative was outdone by all the positives.
  • Condition: I think the biggest factor in this sale was the condition of the home. The seller had me out several times before putting the house on the market to tell him what I thought needed to be done to get the home ready to show. Some sellers put their home on the market with little or no preparation, and then wonder why it won’t sell. Either that, or they take a wait and see approach, letting the potential buyers tell them what they didn’t like and then reacting to that. What they don’t realize is that many buyers (or their agents) don’t have the heart to tell them about the cat smell, or the layers of dust, or that they didn’t pay any attention to the home because of all the knick-knacks. This seller looked at his home with a critical eye, made the necessary repairs, removed clutter, re-painted, planted flowers, updated kitchen hardware, and shipped his pets off to spend some time with his parents. He made sure that the home showed extremely well, and it paid off.
  • Willingness to Negotiate: The original offer was not really what he was hoping for, but the seller did not let that upset him. He kept his cool, negotiated a fair deal for himself and for the buyer, and realized that his priority was to sell his home, not to make a huge profit. The final sales price was $120,650, which is 96.6% of the original list price. Some sellers only see dollar signs and when they see a low offer they feel offended and are unwilling to even try to work it out. In this case, the seller had done his homework, with my help, and knew exactly where he stood and what he needed to be able to feel good about selling the home.

Not all homes are selling this quickly, but some are, and more homes are selling than people think. If you are considering selling your home, take these tips to heart. Take the time to get the house ready, and do your homework, and then call me!


2 thoughts on “Days On Market= 17!! Why this house sold so fast!

  1. Michelle Morris says:

    Hi Mr. Hearing,
    Thank you for your comment.
    This house was listed at $124,900 and sold for $120,650, which is 96.6% of list price.
    I would have happily e-mailed this info to you, but the e-mail you left seems to be fake. Thank you for pointing out my mistake, I think this info should be included in the post!


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