Why you need a FULL-Time agent

Go read this fabulous blog post from a fellow Realtor in Phoenix, Jay Thompson.

He received a request to take a buyer to go see homes, but the buyer was already represented by an agent who was “only available evenings”. What kind of service is that?!?

This blog post gives you great reasons why you should choose a full-time agent, and an example of what happens when you don’t. Here’s a snippet:

“How many potential homes is this buyer going to miss out on because their agent isn’t available? What happens when this buyer calls a listing agent that has no problem “stealing” them from their current agent? How is this evenings-only agent going to be present during the day for an inspection? How are they going to be at the title company for document signing?”

Please know, that I am a full-time Realtor, with no other jobs on the side. I love selling houses, and I am flexible with my schedule to be available when my clients need me.


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