Real estate agents sue “CSI: Crime Scene Investigators” writer

I watch CSI all the time, and I remember watching this particular episode that is in the news today. A woman named Melinda, who turns out to be a real estate agent, is found dead, handcuffed to her bed. Her husband, Scott the mortgage broker, is of course the main suspect. We learn through the course of the show that she actually committed suicide by ingesting large amounts of toothpaste.

Almost every TV show uses the disclaimer that any similarities between the show and real people is purely coincidental, so one might think that Melinda and Scott Tamkin from Keller Williams Realty in Beverly Hills, Calif., are just being paranoid. But what if it isn’t a coincidence? What if the actore hired to be in the show actually look like the couple? What if the couple has actually worked with the CSI writer in the past? And what if, by chance, that real estate deal where the CSI writer worked with these agents went bad?

Not so coincidental anymore, is it? From a magazine article:

The Tamkins believe they were portrayed in the episode and sued writer and producer Sarah Goldfinger for defamation and invasion of privacy. They are seeking $6 million in damages, alleging that the show kept potential customers away. The Tamkins represented the owners of a home that Goldfinger wanted to buy in 2005, according to the lawsuit. Goldfinger pulled out when the sale was in escrow.

Read more about the lawsuit at this CSI fanpage:

The episode in question from the official CSI website:


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