Looking to Start Over? Try Indianapolis!

downtown-freeThank you to Relocation.com for conducting a survey to compile the list of “Best Cities for a Fresh Start”. In this economy, with unemployment rates going up while the national economy continues to head down, many people are searching out communities that offer them a better standard of living.

Unlike many lists that focus solely on the economy, Relocation.com took a wide-ranging look at factors that would appeal to someone looking for a fresh start: city ‘popularity’ based on consumer requests for moving quotes to move to that city; economic-growth prospects; home affordability; and the strength of a community as reflected by volunteerism rates. Great criteria, and look at who comes in at number 5!!!



Top 20 cities you should consider if you are looking for a fresh start:

1. Austin, Texas
2. Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas
3. Charlotte, North Carolina
4. Denver, Colorado
5. Columbus, Ohio (tie)
5. Indianapolis, Indiana (tie)
7. Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, Maryland
8. Atlanta, Georgia
9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
10. Houston, Texas (tie)
10. Las Vegas, Nevada (tie)
10. Seattle, Washington (tie)
13. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota (tie)
13. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (tie)
15. San Antonio, Texas
16. Portland, Oregon
17. Cincinnati, Ohio
18. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
19. Memphis, Tennessee
20. Cleveland, Ohio


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