Turner Trace, Avon

7149 Wilshire Way-- Call me for details!!

7149 Wilshire Way-- Call me for details!!

 One of Avon’s most interesting neighborhoods is Turner Trace, at the corner of County Road 150S and State Road 267. Although it has been a bit slow to develop (due, in part, to the economic downturn) the plans for the community are unique for Avon. Turner Trace will feature large brick custom homes, townhomes, craftsman-style homes and even shops. The developer wanted to create a place where the residents could enjoy charming homes and a higher quality of life.

The Village of Turner Trace has four complimentary but different “neighborhoods”. It was designed around a set of principles like social interaction, compatible housing type, walkability, security, diversity, and environmental sensitivity. The plan includes a community pool and tennis courts as well. There are some offices and businesses in the development already, and they are open to more. Currently, there is a photo studio and dentist, and construction is underway on a childcare center on the western egde of the property.

I have seen more and more people wanting to live in this sort of community, referred to as a “Traditional Neighborhood Development”. Multi-use areas are growing in popularity and more are appearing in the Indianapolis area. Anson, in Zionsville, and West Clay, in Carmel, are some other neighborhoods similar in style to Turner Trace.

Here is a great news article about the development: http://www.turnertrace.com/archive/images/StarScan3272002.html

Visit http://www.turnertrace.com for more details on this amazing development, and please leave your comments here!!

I would love to help you build or purchase an existing home in Turner Trace, if this sounds like the type of community you would like to live in. I currently have one listing in the community. 7149 Wilshire Way is a gorgeous home with 4 bedrooms, a full finished basement, fireplace, welcoming front porch, large kitchen and plenty of surprises!


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