Take Beyonce’s Advice, Buyers!

Lately it seems like some homes have begun to move very quickly. Especially bank-owned and HUD homes. It seems like as quickly as I can get a buyer there to see it, it is pending already! I have had several situations lately where my buyers were too slow to get the home they really wanted.

Beyoncé sings, “If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it in her hit song, “Single Ladies”. She sings about a man who broke up with her but is now jealous that she is getting attention from other guys. She is saying that it is too late for him and if he loved her so much he should have committed while he had a chance.

It seems like buyers need to take that advice with homes they like. If you really like it, then you better get your offer written. Several times lately, I have had clients miss out on homes because they sold right out from under them. Sometimes they want to see it later in the week, only to find it is already sold just a few days later. Sometimes, they see it and a few days later they want to make an offer, but it is already gone! In some cases, these homes even have multiple offers on them! Last week a client sent me about 6 homes he wanted to see that weekend, but when I looked at them, 3 had already pended.

Buyers, homes are staring to move again. If you like it, you better put a ring on it, because there is no guarantee that it will still be available when you are ready.


One thought on “Take Beyonce’s Advice, Buyers!

  1. Michelle Barnett says:

    So true-the media may be saying we are in a “down” market; however, the demand is far outweighing the supplly right now, especially for “first time” homes priced under $150K.
    In my tweet, that you responded to; however, my buyers put an offer after seeing their very first house, and we they asked for highest & best, we were full price and still got beat out, so note to sellers- The buyers are out there and the demand is high.


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