C.P. Morgan to refund some earnest money

Do you know anyone who was in the process of building with C.P. Morgan, who ceased home building operation on Friday, Feb. 27th? Pass along this info to them!

Company officials said last week that Hoosier customers whose homes have been completed or nearly completed and whose homes are ready for closing will be contacted by the title company within the next 30 days to schedule the closing.

Meanwhile, those who have contracts with the company but whose houses are not yet completed or nearly completed are having their earnest money refunded. Those checks, company officers said, will be mailed this week.  I wonder what will happen to these half-finished homes?

A third group of customers whose houses have been finished but whose landscaping has not been completed will soon be contacted by Morgan’s landscaping contractors to finish that work as soon as the winter weather breaks. Money is being held in escrow for that purpose.

Arrangements to settle with Morgan customers in the Charlotte, N.C., market have not been completed but will be announced in that area in the near future.

Morgan’s telephone switchboard offers callers four different recorded options that summarize this information. That number is 317-848-4040.


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