Home Builder back in Business

Good news for Central Indiana:

A new small home building company was launched last week in central Indiana. Davis Building Group will be led by Brad Davis, former chief executive officer of Davis Homes. The company will have a special focus on purchasing and remodeling vacant homes in central Indiana. It will also offer remodeling services to current homeowners and market custom and on-your lot homes.

While the company will market custom and on-your lot homes to accommodate the 3,000 to 4,000 homes projected to be built here in 2009, the new company will have a special emphasis on distressed homes throughout Central Indiana. Davis Building Group will purchase vacant homes and remodel them for sale at attractive market prices. Additionally, remodeling services will be offered as many homeowners are staying in their current homes until the market stabilizes and prices begin to rebound.

Yay! Sounds like a very responsible plan… Use what we’ve got rather than building so many homes that the market is saturated further.

“It is very important for us as an industry to focus on shoring up the existing housing market in order for the new housing market to return to a more active state,” said Brad Davis. “Many vacant homes are located in good neighborhoods and simply need a modest amount of renovation work to be attractive. Once the excess home inventory is re-placed in service, home prices will again increase as they have for the 50 years prior to the recent downfall.”

The group is committed to smart and green technology in their new home construction and renovation projects as well as counseling consumers on the types of healthy living options that are now available in the Indianapolis market.

“We have a unique opportunity to lead our industry in rethinking how we approach consumers as the housing market dramatically changes due to the current economic crisis,” said Todd Roberts. “The housing market will come back, but we think consumers will approach home building in a different manner. We believe they will focus on building unique but conservative homes that suit their individual needs and lifestyles.”


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