Even your Street Name may Effect the Sale of your Home!

As if there isn’t enough to deal with in selling your home, one thing you might not have considered is how the name of your street is seen by buyers. I saw this Tweet by fellow Indy blogger, @Mooshinindy, “When looking at homes I’m being unusually snotty about the street name.I don’t want to have to say I live on Persnickity Plum Ct.” What developer thought it would be a good idea to name a street Persnickity Plum Court? Imagine telling the pizza delivery guy you live on these streets:

I know of a Real Quiet Drive in a subdivision at Raceway Rd and 21st. I just want to go there and be LOUD.

I hear that in San Diego there’s a street called Haveteur way (pronounced “Have It Your Way”).
How about Booger Branch Road in Pickens, South Carolina?

So think about it when you buy your house, you might have trouble selling later down the road (ha ha) if you choose a home on one of these poorly named streets!

Have you seen an awful street name? Please share! Remember this is a G-rated blog though! I saw some that I would NOT post here, like the name of a certain town in Austria…


2 thoughts on “Even your Street Name may Effect the Sale of your Home!

  1. Eva says:

    I know of a subdivision that has many effeminate names, and one single prospective buyer refused to look at houses there because he couldn’t imagine telling friends he lived on that street!


  2. alexanderSIMPLE says:

    A lot of these names have been popping up with the construction of new “old-world” neighborhoods. In North Carolina, there is one with counter-intuitive spellings, such as “Monnet Place Ct”. Another neighborhood is near Fort Mill, SC, and is called “The Regions of Bretagne”, with French names to their streets. Locally, in the Indianapolis area, I don’t think anything can beat the “village” names in the Village of West Clay. My favorite is “Horseguard Close”. 🙂


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