Home Buyers are Reconsidering their Priorities

Buyers are starting to veer away from the McMansions that were so popular in the 1990’s, and heading in a different direction. They have very specific ideas of how their home will fit in with how they live. While more and more home buyers are looking for “cozy” homes, they are also considering other things…

I never thought that a game could be so popular that you might choose your home based on whether there is room to play it, but many buyers are thinking of their Wii when buying. Will the living room be big enough to bowl in? Can I do yoga without having to move the couch every time? People want a room in their house where they can gather as a fmaily to play games, watch movies and hang out together.

Buyers want to lower their costs, so “green” features that will help lower utility bills are gaining more popularity. So are large pantries, which will allow families to stock up on sale items at the grocery store. They also want energy-efficient appliances and heating and air-conditioning systems. In a National Association of Home Builders survey, 91% of respondants would rather have an energy-efficient home with lower utility bills versus a cheaper home (with a sales price 2% to 3% lower) without energy-efficient features.

Other important home features include outdoor living space and home offices.


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