Greenest Home on the market!

Many people have been considering ways they can help the environment by making their home a little greener. In fact, “Green” seems to be a very popular buzz word right now!

A Bend, Oregon real estate company has just announced that the National Home Builders Association’s 2007 Greenest Home in America is now on the market, listed at $429,000.  2007-greenest-home-in-america-newThe craftsman home “offers a comfortable living environment that looks and feels like conventional construction but employs the latest energy-efficient technology. With solar panels and convective air slabs to cycle heated air throughout the home, the new homeowner can rest assured his or her heating costs will be reasonable during the coldest months on the High Desert.”

“The interior design allows heated air to rise to a separate thermostat, which triggers a fan to push air down again at certain higher temperatures,” says builder Bill Hull. “Staggered studs in exterior walls allow for more effective coverage of insulation. High durability products were chosen for this home at a reasonable cost while foregoing products that had less longevity. And a major recycling effort during the construction process reduced landfill waste by 80 percent.”

If you would like to move to Bend, Oregon and purchase this house, or just see more photos of the inside, you can check out the listing here: Hasson Company Realtors.

Click here to go to the full article at RISmedia.


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