In the Twilight Zone

We Hendricks County Carpenter Agents are thinking outside of the box. We know that the market is challenging and we are not afraid to try new ideas and new strategies to get things moving again.

Watch for our new promotion, the Twilight Tuesday Open House. We are planning a big news blast, and are going to try our first Twilight Tuesday on 11/18 from 5-7pm. We are hoping that maybe as you are coming home from work you will stop and see a house or two, or once your family has eaten or when you’re out doing some running around. Maybe Sunday is a “Family Day” and that’s why fewer people are coming to Open Houses. We understand that it will take a few tries to get this to catch on, if it does at all, and we are prepared to be as patient as we are innovative.

I will be at 1316 Greenstone in Danville from 5-7pm on Tuesday, 11/18 for our first Twilight Open House.

If you would like an agent who is willing to try new things, or if you would like a list of our Twilight Open Houses, give me a call!


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