Code to Require Fire Sprinkler Systems

Beginning in 2011, fire sprinklers will be required in all single and double family homes and townhomes under a rule approved recently by the International Code Council. Supporters of the code cite fire safety issues, and say that the sprinklers will help people have more time to escape a fire. Others worry about the cost of these systems and how that will effect the total cost of new housing and maintenence costs.


One thought on “Code to Require Fire Sprinkler Systems

  1. Jeff Stephenson says:

    The cost of installing residential fire sprinklers in new homes
    is approx. $1.50/sq ft. of floor space.
    Case studies have proven that fire sprinklers will add approx.
    1% of the cost of construction to the overall building price.


    Considering the value we put on the lives of ourselves and our children, this is a very small price to pay for fire safety, alarm notification to occupants, and to call the fire dept. Most fires are extinguished before the fire dept.arrives. And your family is alive.


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