Hendricks County Property Tax Bills Coming Soon…. Finally!

Update, 10/16  Hendricks County has put the new tax numbers on their web site, and it is GREAT NEWS! Most people will see a significant decrease in their tax amount. Many people have already paid the spring installation when we were sent a “catch-up” billing in the summer, and some of you can even expect a refund from your mortgage company!! I can look up your taxes for you (yes, your tax info is available to the general public) or you can visit the Hendricks County Tax look up site by clicking the link below.

Original Post Follows:

We Realtors® have always had a difficult time trying to explain Indiana’s property taxes and the fact that they are paid in arrears. In Hendricks County, as in many Indiana counties, we now have the special problem of trying to figure out how much our clients will have to pay or receive due to the confusion of our late tax bills. Usually property taxes are due in May and November, but we are still waiting on our May tax bills to come!

The wait for Hendricks County residents may soon be over. County Treasurer Nancy Marsh hopes to have everyone’s tax bills delivered by October 10th. They will be due November 10. Yes, these are the bills that were supposed to be sent out in May. “Voluntary” statements were sent out this summer to give people a chance to pay most of their bill, so that the payments would not be so close together. For most of us, our taxes are collected and put into an escrow account by our mortgage companies. However, people who do not have mortgages are going to be feeling the pinch, and need to be sure their tax bills get paid.

What about the November bill? Clearly it would cause a lot of trouble to have to pay it all at once for some, so rather than sending out the November bill on time, they will wait until January to send them out and they will be due around February 10th. Yes, we will be paying taxes for 2007 in the beginning of 2009. Then, we will see if the next bill is on track in May.

Marsh says that she thinks most people’s bills will be going down this year. Indiana now uses trending to assess our values, and with the market moving downward, we are lucky that we are being re-assessed, even though it is a pain. Many peoples’ home values have dropped, and so their assessed values need to go down as well.

If you would like to check your taxes, you can look up your home on the Hendricks County Property Tax lookup site. This will show you what your tax bill will be and what you have paid in the past. You can also check to be sure that you have your property tax exemptions filed. Most people should have their Homestead and Mortgage Exemptions filed, and some will have more for things like disabilities, veteran status, old age, and some energy-saving improvements.

Call Me or leave a comment below if you have any questions about your property Taxes!


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