Hip-Hop fan? Buy a Hip-Hop House!

OK, that title is a little silly, but it’s true, you can be the new owner of a famous rapper’s home. Actually, there are 5 that were reported…

Suge Knight. After he filed for bankruptcy and lost control of his record company, Death Row Records founder Suge Knight’s $6.2 million mansion went up for sale last year.

Kanye West. The Grammy-winning rapper’s six-bedroom, 35,000-square-foot Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion went up for sale six months ago for $8.7 million.

Russell Simmons. The Saddle River, N.J., manse of producer Russell Simmons is for sale for $20 million.

50 Cent. Rapper 50 Cent’s Farmington, Conn., 19-bedroom, 50,000-square foot mansion went on the market last year for $18.5 million.

Scott Storch. The hip-hop producer’s $10 million mansion is located on Miami Beach’s exclusive, manmade Palm Island. Storch, recently hitless and two years delinquent on property taxes, is facing foreclosure.

Now, I’m not big into rap, but even I know who most of these guys are. I think it would be pretty cool to own one of their homes. Hey, maybe you’ve even seen these homes on “Cribs”, MTV’s show where they feature the homes of famous artists. You can actually say you have a home on “Cribs”! Holla!

Source: Forbes, Peter Hoy (08/18/2008 )


2 thoughts on “Hip-Hop fan? Buy a Hip-Hop House!

  1. Kevin P. says:

    I can’t imagine living in a hip-hop mansion that costs millions of dollars. I live in a comfortable Signature Community two-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis and couldn’t be happier.


  2. mmorris says:

    While I think it would be wonderful to live in the lap of luxury, part of me just sees all the stuff I will have to clean! Of course, I’m sure none of those rappers went without a maid!


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