Moving with kids

I think that as adults we are so worried about getting the house sold, finding the new house, packing, getting new jobs lined up, utilities, etc., that we can sometimes forget the little ones in our lives and how moving effects them. There is a lot of excitement surrpounding a move, and kids can get a bit stressed about it too, even though they have different reasons. Luckily, there are a lot of good resources out there for parents (and kids) about how to make a move easier.

Some quick highlights:

  • Keep the children involved, let them choose how to decorate their new room, or give them jobs they can accomplish to feel like they are helping.
  • Take photos or video of the new home so the kids can see it before moving day, so they know what they’re getting into.
  • Let your children pack their own most prized possessions. I know for my sons, that would be a backpack filled with stuffed dogs and Pokemon cards. Let them take this with them, not on the moving truck.
  • Consider an entertainment box to help keep little ones occupied while the movers work, including snacks, small toys and games.

For plenty more ideas, you can check these sites:


What kids who are Moving Should Do— this is a great site written for kids.

Easing the Trauma of Moving for Children


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