One Stop Shopping

It seems like these days, convenience is key. People prefer to shop at stores where they can get their toys, pet food, a toy for their child’s birthday, mail a letter and get new prescription glasses. All these “Super Stores” have got me thinking, How can I provide more convenience to my clients?

By assembling a trusted team of service providers, I am able to get your transaction to close more easily and possibly quicker, with less inconvenince to you. Working with people I have developed relationships with eases the way because they know how I like to work and I know what they expect. There are fewer problems and sometimes it can save my clients money.

I partner with Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Home Warranty Providers, Insurance agents, and even home maintenence contractors to be able to provide you with the right people to get the job done. I can provide you with someone to get the job done in almost any situation. The service providers I can connect you with are not affiliated with Carpenter Realtors, but they have proven themselves over many transactions. I like to give my clients a short list of 2-3 people I trust so that the decision is up to you, but you know the providers have proven their worth to me.

If you are ready for a quick and easy transaction, consider using a one-stop shopping experience like the one I can provide.


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