Vacant house with a pool? Try a mosquitofish.

If you have the problem of owning a vacant home with a pool, there is a way to easily control the mosquitoes that may be hatching in the water. . .

‘Mosquitofish’ Helps at Abandoned Pools

Fish with enormous appetites are helping solve the problem of mosquito-infested swim pools behind foreclosed and unsold homes.

The Gambusia affinis, commonly known as the “mosquitofish,” feeds on mosquito larvae. The fish are being put into service in California, Arizona, Florida and elsewhere.

The fish aren’t a perfect answer. Their presence attracts birds that feed on them, and birds bring their own set of problems. But proponents of the fish say they are more environmentally friendly than pesticides.

In most areas, when the houses are sold, new owners can collect the fish and return them to the mosquito-control agency. Or some agencies offer to come back and round up the fish.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Michael Corkery (05/09/2008


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