Adopt– Don’t Shop Event

Sunday, May 4th at Speck’s Pet Supply. The Hendricks County Animal Shelter will be holding it’s “Adopt– Don’t Shop” pet adoption event from 11am-3pm.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that the shelter has to destroy countless unwated animals each year. Many pet owners do not spay and neuter their pets, and then act surprised when unwanted offspring appear. When the unwanted puppies and kittens end up at the animal shelter, they can become a taxpayer burden if they are kept for too long.

Another reason so many pets are put down at the shelter is that once they are there, nobody adopts them. Potential pet owners go to a pet store which may get their animals from a “puppy mill”.

At Speck’s on Sunday there will be many loveable pets available for adoption. There will be rescue groups and shelters there, hoping to help you find your next pet. I am sure they would also be willing to take donations to help buy things like pet food and supplies needed at the shelter, if you do not want to take any pets home. The phone number for more info is: (317) 718-0312.

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