Tommy Hilfiger’s Mansion hits the MLS

If you aren’t interested in Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, another celebrity home has hit the market for you to check out. Tommy Hilfiger is putting his Greenwich, Connecticut home on the market. “Stone Hill” is a 20,000 square foot estate, obviously beautifully decorated with “an artfully eclectic mix of Georgian moldings, vintage marble/stone fireplaces, cashmere/exotic leather wall treatments and heated marble floors,” to name a few from the listing. And you can call “Stone Hill” home for $27.9 million.

Over 4 acres comes with the property, and the grounds feature an infinity pool and tennis court. The home also boasts a chef’s kitchen, garden-level movie theater, wine cellar, indoor basketball/squash court, gym, sauna and spa treatment room. With 7 bedroom suites, you could sleep in a different luxurious room each night of the week!


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