Pre-Listing Inspections– Are they worth it??

 Once a buyer has found their dream home, and the negotiations are over, and the purchase agreement is finally accepted, a new time of terror begins: THE HOME INSPECTION. (Cue “Psycho” music)

 When the inspector comes in, there could be a long list of concerns to address, which could easily scare the buyer away or send you into another terrifying round of negotiations over who will fix what. Big problems with the house at the last minute can throw any seller into a tailspin. Even a long list of “little” things can cause big headaches when closing is supposed to be right around the corner. Suddenly, you are in the middle of plumbers, electricians, and roofers in a race with the clock before closing day. The buyer wants the very best, of course, but the seller’s budget can only handle so much!

One way to prevent this hectic crunch is for sellers to get a “pre-listing” inspection. It really doesn’t need to be before your home is on the market, but as a seller, there are some big advantages to getting the inspection done early. Generally, a buyer orders and pays for the inspection, but by getting one as a seller, you will be better prepared. There are several great reasons for the seller to get a home inspection:

1. Prepares you for things that will come up later. This lets you see what you might need to do to your home while things are relatively calm, not in the middle of negotiations.

2.  Makes your home more attractive to buyers because by showing them the inspection report it shows that you want to deal with them honestly and fairly.

3. Eliminates last minute repair issues that can be expensive and cause delays in closings.

4. Puts you in charge of the repairs: you can hire who you want, when you want, for the price you want, to get things fixed. You can negotiate with qualified professionals to get a good price on your repairs rather than just using whoever can get there fastest.

5. Helps your home sell for more money. When a buyer sees a long list of repairs or concerns, they may want to lower their price or “overestimate” repair costs.

6. See the home through the eyes of a critical third party. This will help you see your home how others see it and set a more realistic price.

7. You could have some more serious concerns like radon or mold that could effect your health, find out sooner rather than later!

I recommend US Inspect to all of my clients.


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