Storms whip through Indy area

At least 2 people have been reportedly killed by the storms last night and many more are reporting damage to their homes. Although the storms passed quickly, they sure packed a punch. In Avon, the neighborhood of Austin Lakes took a big hit, suffering damage to many homes. I drove through there this morning, and it is quite shocking to see the damage. On the way to school this morning, my 2 boys and I were counting the downed trees along 100 North. We were very lucky, the only damage here is a downspout fell off the house, and our BBQ Grill is half way to the neighbor’s house.

According to an IndyStar article, the National Weather Service will be in town today to determine if what we experienced in Avon was, in fact, a tornado. It goes on to say that most of the damage was probably caused by straight line winds, but it is possible that tornadoes did touch down.

We were actually out enjoying some Chinese food right before the storm. As we left the restaurant, there was no rain, but when we got out onto Rockville Rd, the rain started. When we got the the BP station at Dan Jones and 36, everything was fine, but as soon as we stopped, and my husband was about to get out, the winds started. We got home as quick as possible, and encountered several downed trees on the way. I’m glad that it passed quickly!

Just keep in mind that although I’m sure you want your home fixed quickly, now is the time for scam artists to come knocking, ready to “fix” your damage. Be sure you check into any company you hire to do repairs on your home!


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