High Tech and Comfort are IN!

More and more people today are looking for high tech features in their homes as well as extra comfort. People want to go more green, and try to help the environment as much as possible.

High Tech Comfort– Think bathtubs with massaging bubbles, fireplaces with a battery backup in case of power failure, mirrors with disappearing TV’s built-in, computers in the refrigerator and dual temperature beverage centers with a cooler area for pop and a warmer section for wine.

Going Green– Homeowners are becoming more and more aware of the steps they can take to help our environment, and many buyers are looking for homes that have these greener features. Surveys indicate that people are willing to pay about $5,000 to “go green” in their homes. I have blogged before about going green, and have heard more and more lately about how important it is to help our environment in any way we can. Updating your home with energy efficient appliances and earth-friendly materials is becoming very important to homeowners and buyers.

 Check out this article for more information!


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