Meteor Shower, Anyone?

  Meteor showers are pretty neat, especially if you have the will to brave the elements and stay awake into the wee hours of the morning to see them. Perhaps as you come home from a late night, you can catch a glimpse. Well, the “best” meteor shower is coming this week, so grab your warm blankets and gallons of coffee, and look towards the sky for a great show. Thursday night and into Friday early morning will be the time to check out the Geminid meteor shower.

Some meteors may be visible as soon as it gets dark (I hope so for the sake of my kids) but the intensity will be up around 10pm and reach its peak by 2am. It’s going to be cold out there, so be sure to wrap up, a quick check of the weather shows it will be below freezing! 

Read the full article here!


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