Aqua dots toy dangerous?

I am watching CNN Headline News as I check my blog stats, and they are discussing this hot toy that I know my son wants. I can not find anything about it on the internet yet, so I guess you heard it here first!

According to the Headline News report, these “Aqua Dots” when swallowed can act like a hallucinagenic drug. They are made in China, and also referred to as “Bindeez” in other countries. When the beads are swallowed, they are converted by the body into the date rape drug, “GHB” in your child’s body. This can cause a coma and even death, and this toy is STILL AVAILABLE in the U.S. and online! One child in Australia was rushed to the hospital after swallowing the tiny “dots” while playing with the craft game. Although it is still available in the US, this toy is being pulled off the shelves in Australia.

This is the website of the manufacturer, and it mentions the recall on the front page.

I just found an article online about this potential danger with this toy.

UPDATE! Now the recall has spread to the US, and the toys are being removed from store shelves.

Tonight at Target I saw this toy on their shelves, I asked a guy working there about the recall. He didn’t know anything about it. We went to the main section where they keep this stuff, and it was gone, but there was still plenty on the end of the aisle. He scanned it and his scanner said it was recalled. I stood and watched while he removed every box from the shelf.

Here’s another article about it from MSNBC.


One thought on “Aqua dots toy dangerous?

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