Countrywide to help mortgage crisis by refinancing ARMs

In these desperate times, Countrywide Financial is willing to help borrowers with desperate measures. According to a recent Realtor Magazine article, Countrywide is offering to refinance up to $16 Billion in Adjustable Rate Mortgages. This move is meant to reach out to customers who are on time with payments but are about to face (or have recently encountered) adjustments to their interest rates. They are also planning to contact people who are behind because of rate hikes, and give them a little relief.

 I really hope that this move will help the wounded mortgage industry, and help the hurting real estate market. I wish that more lenders were willing to take such steps to help thier clients.


4 thoughts on “Countrywide to help mortgage crisis by refinancing ARMs

  1. Kristin Doss says:

    I am a local Countrywide representative working out of our Avon branch. If you or anyone you know needs to turn their adjustable rate mortgage into a fixed rate, please give my number. I am best reached at 317-538-3008. I offer the local representation combined with the national branding. It’s a great combination. Thank you for the opportunity!


  2. mmorris says:

    If you are local to Indianapolis, I would say call Kristin, the girl who posted a comment on this very page. Either that, or check out Countrywide’s web site or call your local branch. They would be in your phone book. Tell them I sent you!


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