Pumpkin Seeds

I have four gorgeous pumpkins in front of my house, along with some mums. I love mums and pumpkins for fall decorating. I’m especially proud of these pumpkins though, because I grew them myself.

Last fall, after we were finished with our pumpkins, when they began to get soft on the front porch, I put them in my garden and let them rot there, literally. Once they wilted down to flat, white circles, I covered them over with dirt. In the spring, to my amazement, I found hundreds of sprouts, growing quite healthily in circles in my garden, exactly where I had left those pumpkins to rot. We soon realized that hundreds of sprouts were going to grow way too big, so we pulled more than half of them, gave some away to neighbors and tossed the rest.

Soon the sprouts began to turn into vines, and then they took off. Their long tendrils clung to the BBQ grill and anything else they could reach, it was a little creepy the way they took over, like something Stephen King would enjoy. By mid-summer, I was enjoying big orange flowers all over my vines. The bases of the flowers soon started to bulge into green globes, baby pumpkins!

If you don’t have a garden, or don’t want to grow your own pumpkins, here is a great article about how to roast the seeds. You will have plenty to roast some and plant some as well, believe me!


One thought on “Pumpkin Seeds

  1. fren says:

    That’s a nice surprise, to have the the pumpkin flower after you just toss it aside. I did hear about those kinds of seeds/plants while I was still at school…


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