Selling a Haunted House

Winchester Mansion

Above: Winchester Mystery House, visit their web site!

Just in time for Halloween, a great article on MSN came through about how ghosts and murders can effect your home sale.

According to this article, having a haunted house can actually help the sale, in some cases. People who love Halloween, and scary movies and such might be more attracted to a home with a ghost. Perhaps not willing to pay MORE, but more interested in it than in a normal home. It just depends on the buyer and the intended uses for the home. More squeamish buyers might run in the other direction though.

On the other hand, murders or suicides can definitely hurt the home’s value much more. Bad karma seems to scare more people away than a few friendly ghosts can. Famous murders are an even harder sell, nobody wants to buy the house where Charles Manson’s followers killed Sharon Tate and 4 others. Nicole Brown Simpson’s house took over 2 years to sell after she and Ron Goldman were murdered there, in a neighborhood where it would have normally sold in a few months. It eventually sold for a huge discount.

I don’t know of any haunted houses in the Avon or Hendricks County area, if you do, please share your stories in the spirit of Halloween fun (no pun intended, ha, ha).


3 thoughts on “Selling a Haunted House

  1. william says:

    Plainfield is haunted by people who have passed on, but the whole time longing to be wealthy like Carmel residents. This longing can be heard every time the residents brag to people less fortunate than themselves. Oh, wait a minute, they aren’t dead, thats just how small minded they are.

    Happy Halloween~


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