10/9 Across the Universe Update!

Watching “the Singing Bee” tonight, I was extremely happy to find that it was Beatles night! I would have beaten them all, by the way. Anyway, during a commercial break, I saw a commercial for the Beatles movie, Across the Universe, saying that it comes out Friday, October 12th or something. I saw on Oprah originaly that it would be released earlier, but perhaps it was delayed for some reason, so I decided to investigate. According to Wikipedia, it was a limited release on Sept. 14, a “platform release” on Sept. 21, and a broad general release on October 12.

I found the official site for the movie, and through the site you can put in your zip code to find movie times. According to that site, Across the Universe will be playing at a Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 theater on S. Meridian beginning October 12!!

So, after you see it this weekend, stop back here and post your reviews!

**UPDATE 10/15** Across the Universe is now playing at the Rave Theater at Metropolis in Plainfield!!


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