Across the Universe– Beatles inspired movie– Coming this weekend!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the Beatles. Today I am so excited to share the news I heard on the Oprah show about this new movie coming out this weekend. It is a musical that follows the Beatles songs’ characters “Jude”, “Lucy”, “Sadie” and “JoJo” telling the story of their lives through the music of the Beatles. It has some very interesting cinematography, at times beautiful, at times, it looks quite psychedelic. It reminds me a little bit of the Pink Floyd movie, “The Wall”. Bono has a scene in it even! Here is the listing for it, and a link to the Oprah site is here.

I called the Shiloh theater, right by my office, and was told they are not getting it to their knowledge, but a quick call to the very friendly girl at the Rave theater at Metropolis and she says they will be getting it soon, probably not the day it opens but they have been advertising it already. YIPPIE!! Here’s a link to the Metropolis and Rave Theater, please go there because the girl was very helpful and didn’t laugh at my Beatles excitement! She also mentioned that the website is a more accurate way to look up showtimes than the newspaper, so check it often!

Please check back here after you see the movie and post your review!!

**9/22 Update: I have not been able to find any listing of this movie in the Indianapolis area yet. Please leave a comment if you see it playing somewhere, or if you know when and where we can go see it!**

OK, Thank you for listening to my unprofessional, giddy excitement over the Beatles. I promise a more serious, helpful real estate article very soon!


4 thoughts on “Across the Universe– Beatles inspired movie– Coming this weekend!

  1. Lynne Parent says:

    Oh no you Did-ent , You make it sound like you are the biggest Beatle fan in Indy. That’s my (and my 15 year old son’s) job! I too am looking forward to
    Across the Universe. The revues are crappy but, with a movie full of Beatle music how can it be that bad. (okay, I just watched St. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band on comcast on demand, but, it was sooooo bad it’s good. If you know what I mean). Incidentally, the band “1964 The Tribute” has set up a date at Beef and Boards, April 28 and 29. I have seen their show twice and loved it both times. Until Paul tours again, it is the closest thing to seeing the Beatles that us too young, missed them in the 60’s, fans can do.
    Peace, Lynne P.


  2. mmorris says:

    Oh yes, I did! I’m named Michelle because my parents were such huge fans, and it’s just something that I have loved as long as I can remember. My little boys (Ages 3 and 6) even sing along to Beatles songs and have their own Beatles T-shirts (thanks, Target!) We saw “Forver, a Beatles Tribute” at Hummel Park in Plainfield and we all loved it!

    I’m kind of worried about the bad reviews, but like you said, I still want to see it. It can’t be worse than Sgt. Peppers, and at least that had some nice eye candy in the young Peter Frampton!

    And yes, I saw Paul on his last tour in Chicago.


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