Home warranties

I always recommend adding a home warranty to a listing, and I also advise my buyers to ask for one if it is not already offered in a home’s sale. Specifically, I tell buyers that they should ask for an HSA Home Warranty. Now, usually it is not my style to be so specific and to promote a certain brand, but I truly believe that HSA offers a far superior warranty.

What is a Home Warranty?

A Home Warranty is a contractual guarantee which will help cover certain repairs that may come up on your home due to normal wear and tear. Of course, not everything is covered, but it does help provide peace of mind for both buyer and seller.

Why should I provide a Home Warranty?

When selling your home, studies show that having a Home Warranty will help you sell it faster, and for a better price than without. They also help sellers compete with new home builders, who usually offer at least a 1 year warranty. When a seller signs up for a home warranty, they are covered up to one year while the home is listed. When the home sells, the warranty is paid for at closing by the seller. After closing the buyer is covered for one year, and then is able to purchase additional coverage and renew their contract yearly. Repairs require only a deductible (which varies depending on warranty chosen), and then the warranty company sends out a repair person to fix the problem. One big thing to remember is that because the buyer is likely to ask for an warranty, it is best to have it from the beginning so that you are covered as well!

** If the home sale does not close, the seller does NOT have to pay for the HSA home warranty, even if they used it for home repairs. **

I have personally seen people pay the $100 deductible for a repair like plumbing issues, and then never pay for the actual warranty because the home never actually sold. I have also seen the warranty pay for major repairs like a $1,389.27 air conditioner repair and a $1,928.78 heat pump system. For this, the buyer paid their $100 deductible and were taken care of.

Why do you specifically recommend HSA’s Home Warranty?

I have seen many home warranties and I believe that HSA offers the most comprehensive warranty at the best price. It is very difficult to find a warranty that will cover the roof, and HSA does. I think it is the only home warranty being used in my area that covers the roof. They offer 3 different price points, with 3 different deductibles. The price right now for a $100 deductible on a single-family residence is $360. You can also add options for additional equipment your home may have like swimming pools. It is important to understand that not everything is covered, but HSA does pay their claims. Now, they probably will not cover pre-existing conditions, items that have not been properly maintained, things that were not installed properly, or normal maintenence issues. Overall, I believe that the HSA is superior to others, and that having a home warranty is definitely worth the investment.


2 thoughts on “Home warranties

  1. Brigette says:

    I wouldn’t suggest anyone purchase coverage under this policy if you care about the end-user of the policy. We bought a home recently and got “stuck” with HSA as our home warranty company. This company seems to be better versed in how not to pay a claim (or even accept a claim) than honoring it’s contract.
    P.S. Wife in wheelchair, just moved here, no ramp, temps in house approacing 87 degrees, still no relieve! 😦


  2. mmorris says:

    Of course no company can be perfect, but I have never had any clients have trouble with HSA. They cover what they say they will, of course there are some exceptions. If you would like to e-mail me, so we can talk more about this, I would like to know the details of your situation. I don’t know if I can help, but I would like to hear from the other point of view.


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