least affordable real estate markets

Yahoo! has been featuring almost an article per day about real estate, it must be a very hot topic lately. We Hoosiers pretty much know that Indianapolis ranks very high in affordable real estate markets, and usually wins the top honor as being the MOST affordable area in the US. This article tells us what the least affordable areas are. I am not too surprised to find New York and Los Angeles are the most expensive real estate markets in the country.

I am always amazed to see tv shows like “Flip This House“, “What you get for the Money“, or other tv shows about real estate, when I see what homes in California or other expensive areas are priced at. A lot of times, I will see someone in California paying $800,000 for a home under 1000 square feet, that is falling apart! Here in Indiana, that same amount of money can get you a gorgeous home like this home in Carmel, Indiana. This is just one example of the many homes available in the Indianapolis area. In Indiana, a home over $500,000 is practically a mansion compared to the same price in California or New York! So, all you California and New York residents would live like kings here in Indianapolis, call me if you want to relocate! 🙂


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