Roundabout set to open Wednesday

A couple weeks ago, after a trip to Plainfield, my soon-to-be first grader very gravely came to me and said, “Mom, they really need to hurry up and get the road done, because how I am going to get to school?” Of course, he was referring to the roundabout construction at Dan Jones and 100 South, and I could tell he had been putting some serious thought into this. Since the redistricting, this would be his first year at Pine Tree Elementary and I could tell he was sincerely worried.

I am happy to be able to announce that the Roundabout is officially set to open on Wednesday. According to the article, it will be ready in time for school.

For more information about the Roundabout project, please go to the Avon Roundabout Project site, it gives a lot of good info, including an artist’s rendering of what the fully completed project will look like. Another great link is this site about HOW to drive a roundabout, which some Avon residents will greatly benefit from, including me. This is a great video that explains why roundabouts are helpful, how to drive in them and more.

Might as well get used to the new roundabout at CR 100 South, because plans for the future include another one at Dan Jones and 100 North, and yet another at CR 900 East and CR 200 North according to the Town Manager’s Blog. Other major improvements at the Dan Jones/100N.  intersection include a new middle school on the NorthEast corner, widening of 100 North, and we at Carpenter Realtors are hoping to sell the 35+ acres on the southeast corner for commercial development.


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