How do referrals work?

So, maybe you are thinking of moving, but you don’t live in Indianapolis. Or maybe you currently live in Indy, but you want to move to another state, or even country! How can you be sure to find a good Realtor to help you in your transaction?

Carpenter Realtors is proud to be a part of a network called “The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World“, we just call it RELO for short. When I know of someone who wants to buy or sell a house in my area, I help them do it. When I know of someone outside of my area who wants to buy or sell, I can refer them to a great Realtor in their own area. This is a good way for Realtors to grow their business, network with other Realtors and earn a little more income.

Why would a Realtor pay for a referral? Well, business comes from many sources, and one of them is advertising… which is expensive. Rather than pay for the marketing involved in bringing new business, Realtors are happy to pay a portion of their commission to get your info. Being given the name of a ready and willing buyer or seller is like a “freebie” in the real estate world, and it is well worth about 25% of the commission we would normally make.

Would you like me to refer you? All I need to get started to find you a reliable, qualified Realtor in your area or target area is your name, phone number, address, and where you are buying or selling. You should still talk with at least 3 Realtors and find the best fit for you. If it happens to be my referral, that would be great. If not, that’s fine too. The point is to find the right Realtor for you.


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