Marion County Property Tax Info

Here’s the latest from the MIBOR website regarding Marion County property tax bills:

  • 2007 tax bills are void
  • Marion County taxpayers are to pay their 2006 bills
  • Tax payers who have already paid the 2007 amount will receive the difference as a credit to the fall bill.
    • If there is still overpayment money available after the fall bill, the difference will be applied as a credit to the tax payer’s reconciliation bill
    • Any over payment remaining after the reconciliation bill will be refunded to the tax payer
  • Taxpayers are to pay the lowest amount between the 2007 and 2006 bills. For example, if a homeowner filed an exemption in 2007 which made the 2007 tax bill less than what it was in 2006, they are to pay the 2007 amount. 

These are the highlights of the Marion County Reassessment Order.

FAQ site from the Treasurer’s Office: This site will help answer any questions you may have, including whom to call, when payment is due and more!


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