And now for something a little different…

Just wanted to share some cool sites that I enjoy, maybe you will too. You see, I am multi-faceted, like a diamond.

Walletproof— This is a nice online budgeting tool, it helps you see where your money is going. No fees, and it does take some discipline, but it can help you get back on track if you feel like you get to the end of the month and have no idea where your money went.

Musicovery is a neat little music player I like to open in the background while I’m working online. You can choose music by your mood, or by year, or by genre. Suppose you feel like 80’s dance music that is energetic and positive…. just click the player and it will play only songs that fit your criteria. You can even choose if you would like to hear hits only, no hits, or discover new music talents. Right now I have some calm, dark music from the 1950’s playing (think Etta James, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra and Elvis)

The Daily Plate: This site helps you track your food and daily calorie intake, as well as how much water you drink and exercise you do. It is free, unlike a lot of other dieting sites, but can still help you watch your goals get closer. It also offers a journal feature, message baords and gold upgrades.


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